The Study:

Enhanced Endurance Performance by Periodization of Carbohydrate Intake: “Sleep Low” Strategy

Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise: April 2016 - Volume 48 - Issue 4 - p 663–672



Why You Should Care:

Something as simple as changing how you schedule your intake of daily carbohydrates can lead to significant performance gains


The Breakdown:

·      Researchers divided 21 triathletes into 2 groups who consumed the same daily carbohydrate intake and followed the same training program


·      Group One trained with no restrictions on when they consumed their carbohydrates


·      Group Two trained with high carbohydrate availability before and during their evening session but limited their carbohydrate availability overnite as well as prior and during their morning training session


·      The results revealed “significant improvements in submaximal cycling capacity, as well as supramaximal cycling capacity and 10-km running time” of Group Two


What It Means For You:

·         Something as simple as “short term periodization” aka changing the timing of your carbohydrate intake can lead to improved times on the race course.